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Climbing a mountain is a challenge.
So is life. 

There is no direct path from the bottom of a mountain to the top. 

To get to the top, you have to begin a journey that circles the mountain. With each pass around the mountain, you ascend higher and higher, until you eventually reach the peak. 

This journey is similar to everything we experience in life. In kindergarten, we learn math at the simple level: 1+1 = 2. In 7th grade, we learn math at the algebra level. Each year you are making a trip around the "math mountain." 

You do this in life—with everything. 

Why am I telling you this?

My name is Jim Riviello and I am the founder of Leadership X University. 

If you follow my work, you know that I teach. 

Leaders are teachers and to be a great teacher, you must first become a great student

The most effective leaders are great students. 

What’s their secret? 

They all have a learning library and refer back to it often.
Mastery is achieved by circling the same mountain over and over again. 

I’ve been teaching leadership development for 25+ years. The students in my live workshops have access to the library of lessons I’ve taught. Why? So they can refer back to them when they need a refresher or guidance on something important.

Others who are unable to attend my live workshops have purchased an online membership to my leadership development library. Why? Because they also want a learning library.

Everyone I know is searching for something—something they want to be, something they want to do or something they want to have. At LXU, we call that something the X, and it's different for everyone. 

The fact that you're reading this tells me there is an X in your life. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to ascend your mountain. Taking another trip around the mountain means learning new skills to achieve the next level. I want to accelerate your journey. 

I want to help you achieve the 2.0 version of yourself. 

I want to give you access to our online library of leadership tools—I call it Self 2.0 Leadership Tools. 
The Self 2.0 Leadership Tools contains a ton of amazing resources and I'm constantly adding more.

Imagine being able to access my leadership training, tools and resources at any time. 

Imagine having access to learning modules like:
  • Leading Yourself: Become a walking role model for others
  • ​Influence: Authentically build relationships and trust with others
  • Mobilize Others: Navigate difficult conversations and empower others to act
  • ​​Learn to Let Go: Effectively delegate and mentor others on execution to extend reach and scale
  • ​​Embrace Change: Lead yourself and others through the many cycles of change
  • ​​Courage: Confront personal fears and make timely and effective decisions
  • ​​Leadership Presence: Share your thought leadership and opinions with confidence
  • ​​Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Persevere through obstacles and challenges
Imagine having access to all these tools just when you need them!
When you sign up today,
we will include a SPECIAL bonus!
PowerWeek—PowerLife System
Teaches you how to 
create a rhythm and routine to 
get things done more efficiently
so you FREE up time for yourself

without feeling like you have to 
work harder, run faster, and do more!

This is the system I use AND teach others. 

 The repeatable system and best practices I have 
taught hundreds of clients who have established a 
rhythm and routine to complete tasks faster and feel lighter. 
Implementation Guide
Your personal implementation guide to
increase productivity and free up time for yourself and those who matter most in your life.

This step-by-step guide covers every detail to 
create a weekly flight plan, 
discipline your focus, 
refuel your energy, and 
stay on track when the unexpected occurs.

Includes a blueprint to seed you with different ideas and best practices that you can adopt and/or experiment with to increase your efficiency, productivity, and personal joy.
Additional bonuses included!
Do you mind if we overdeliver?  We are also going to include:
Leadership Guide to Navigating Difficult Conversations
The ability to confront others is a learned behavior. Employees don't turn to written statements in the company handbook for clues on how to behave, they look at you—their leader, and the style you model.
Effective Delegation Guide
Delegate tasks with more confidence using this checklist guide.

Imagine being able to hand things off so you can free up more time for yourself. 
It's possible!
Resource Library
Contains my personal support tools to implement a PowerWeek and PowerLife. 
  • Worksheets: Create a weekly flight plan.
  • Email: Process emails more effectively.
  • Calendar Commandments: Five weekly habits that will ignite productivity!
  • Effective Meetings: Three best practices for effective meetings.
  • Vacation Prep Guide: For a stress-free vacation and graceful re-entry upon your return to work.
  • ​Bad Day: Ways to turnaround a bad day.
  • ​​New Habits: That will change your life.
  • ​and much more!
Imagine being able to search our
leadership tools, training, and support material
any time you need guidance on something important.
  • Self 2.0 Leadership Tools
  • ​PowerWeek—Power Life System and Implementation Guide
  • Navigating Difficult Conversation Guide
  • Effective Delegation Guide
  • Resource Library (PRICELESS)
Total Value: $297/month
Special Offer: $97/month
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Self-Mastery Learning Library of leadership tools and support material.
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"Simply amazing! 

We have adopted this program and made it a requirement for anyone in a leadership position. 
The impact on our growth and culture has been amazing!"
“LXU will set you on a path to success. 

The approach, new perspectives, and consistent support has enabled me to grow my company, reduce inefficiencies, and strengthen our teams leadership skills.”
""Contagious enthusiasm, unique perspective, and relevant experience.

Whether it’s business or personal, LXU offers valuable insight that is both practical and simple to apply."
"GREAT stuff! 

The tools, training and support material is outstanding and it continues to grow all the time. I love being part of this tribe!"
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