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Would you like to FREE UP time for yourself?
The PowerWeek—PowerLife System helps you 
create a rhythm and routine to get things done more efficiently
so you FREE up time for yourself

without feeling like you have to 
move faster, work harder, and do more!
Would you like to learn how to
design your personalized PowerWeek?
Here's the truth:
If you want a life that flows with ease and grace,
you need a system.

I want to teach you the
exact system I use AND teach others
The repeatable system I have taught hundreds of 
clients who share it with their own teams.
That system is the PowerWeek—PowerLife System.
I’m Jim Riviello, founder of Leadership X University and author of There Must Be A Better Way and
Rivelations for Business Professionals.” 

As a leadership development coach, I have taught countless companies and thousands of business leaders how to get the right stuff done in less time.
"I have completed more in
one day than I typically would in three days. 
Thank you for sharing the PowerWeek with us.
It's been a game changer!"
"'I'm pumped to do my weekly flight plan. It keeps me really organized and my priorities straight. I sleep better knowing what is ahead of me in the morning."
"Absolutely LOVE the PowerWeek—PowerLife System. I can accomplish more now than ever—and have time for me."
"GREAT stuff! 
I now look forward to planning my week, executing my Power Days, and having Friday's to clean-up everything."
Many business leaders 
suffer from the idea that they 
don't have enough time and resources to get everything done. 

I know because I used to feel this way. 

But nothing is farther from the truth.
If you:
  • Feel like you don't have enough time
  • ​Find yourself overwhelmed
  • ​Feel pulled in 25 different directions
  • ​Jump from task to task 
  • ​Get easily sidetracked by constant interruptions
  • ​Constantly second-guess yourself
  • ​Want to get more done in less time
…then I want to give you my PowerWeek—PowerLife System.
Imagine having the ability to: 
  • Free up time for yourself
  • Recharge your own energy
  • Reconnect with the ones you love
  • Establish a rhythm and routine to complete tasks faster
  • Feel lighter and happier heading into the weekend
  • Get away for vacation without missing anything important
  • ​Never worry about the false belief that you don't have enough time again!

All of this also means you won’t be stuck feeling like you have to do even more. More, more, more—aren’t you tired of hearing that?

I want to help you CHANGE that—today!
People often complain about a lack of time when their LACK of FOCUS is the real culprit.
You can't just blindly rush into work on Monday, 
spend your week spinning a thousand different plates, and expect to have a significant impact.  
You need a system to help improve your focus, manage your priorities, and get the right stuff done in less time.
Learn how to design
your own personalized PowerWeek. 
Sign up today!
Here's what you get:
PowerWeek—PowerLife System
7-module online program that shows you 
how to get the right stuff done in less time
so you FREE up time 
for yourself. 
Implementation Guide
28-page implementation guide to
design your own personal PowerWeek. 
Covers each step to create a weekly flight plan,
discipline your focus, and refuel your energy. 
What's inside...
Module 1: Discipline Your Mind
You must begin with the mindset that you are the CEO of your own life. You are the leader—both professionally and personally. Leaders build their awareness muscle. In this module, we raise your awareness to the the habits and thought patterns that are potentially holding you back. 
Module 2: Create a Weekly Flight Plan
To get the right stuff done in less time, you need a weekly flight plan. In this module, we show you how to filter your overflowing to-do list and create a weekly flight plan to perform at extraordinary levels.
  • Lesson 1: Make Quiet Time a Priority
  • Lesson 2: The 4D Task Filter
  • Lesson 3: Identify Your Big Rocks and HIT List
  • ​Lesson 4: Weekly Flight Plan
Module 3: Discipline Your Focus
The key to getting more done in less time is rhythm and routine. While you can’t manage time, you CAN manage what you work on. In this module, we share effective scheduling techniques and best practices that will help you stay focused on and accomplish your important priorities in less time. 
  • Lesson 1: Power Days and Power Blocks
  • Lesson 2: Scheduling Techniques
  • Lesson 3: Calendar Commandments
Module 4: Refuel Your Energy
The most precious asset you own is your energy. If not consciously managed, your energy will quickly evaporate through other people’s agendas. In this module, we show you how to set stronger boundaries and how to refuel your energy so you feel better about your results.
  • Lesson 1: Minimize Energy Leaks
  • Lesson 2: Self-Care to Recharge
  • Lesson 3: Reconnect with Your Support Group
  • ​Lesson 4: Weekly Clean-up
Module 5: PowerWeek Blueprint
In this module, we show you how to design your own PowerWeek by visually reviewing each step. This blueprint will seed you with different ideas and best practices that you can adopt and/or experiment with to increase your efficiency, productivity, and personal joy.
Module 6: Staying on Track
Unexpected events are a fact of life. Many use this as an excuse for not getting to the tasks that matter most. In this module, we help you identify the early warning signs when things begin to veer off in a different direction and how to get yourself back on track when that happens.
Module 7: Jumpstart Results
We give you three things you can do right away that will allow you to get the right stuff done in less time and FREE up time for yourself.
Additional bonuses included!
Mind if we overdeliver?  Also included as a special bonus is:
Leadership Guide to Navigating Difficult Conversations
The ability to confront others is a learned behavior. Employees don't turn to written statements in the company handbook for clues on how to behave, they look at you—their leader, and the style you model.
Effective Delegation Guide
Delegate tasks with more confidence using this checklist guide.

Imagine being able to hand things off so you can free up more time for yourself. 
It's possible!
Resource Library
Contains my personal support tools to implement a PowerWeek and PowerLife. 
  • Worksheets: Create a weekly flight plan.
  • Email: Process emails more effectively.
  • Calendar Commandments: Five weekly habits that will ignite productivity!
  • Effective Meetings: Three best practices for effective meetings.
  • Vacation Prep Guide: For a stress-free vacation and graceful re-entry upon your return to work.
  • ​Bad Day: Ways to turnaround a bad day.
  • ​​New Habits: That will change your life.
  • ​and much more!
  • PowerWeek—Power Life System and 28-Page Implementation Guide: ($1,497)
  • Navigating Difficult Conversation Guide ($297)
  • Effective Delegation Guide: ($97)
  • Resource Library (PRICELESS)
  • Live Coaching Workshop ($1,000)
I want to ensure your success so I am going to coach you myself and help you implement everything you learn. 

Imagine having access to all the training modules that you can watch over and over again, a step-by-step implementation guide, along with a resource library of support tools AND having direct access to me during a live workshop to coach you, answer questions, and help customize a PowerWeek system that works for you and your business.

Sign up today and let's get to work so we can in fact, FREE UP more time for YOU! 
Total Value: $2,891
Special Offer: $997
one-time payment
or $350/month for 3 months
Together, let's create a rhythm and routine to get things done more efficiently
so you FREE up time for yourself
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