Developing Leaders who Develop Leadership
Leadership Development Program
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Leadership Development Program
Master the leadership skills required to handle the many challenges that emerge within a growing organization. 

Leading Yourself
Self-Awareness, Self-Alignment, and
Leading Others
Authentically Connect, Influence, and 
Mobilize Others
Getting Results
Embrace Change, Neutralize Conflict and
Accelerate Progress
Customized training, time-tested tools, and personalized leadership support.
 Do you want to increase confidence, develop greater influence, navigate tough conversations, 
delegate effectively, empower others and most importantly—get results?

Let’s schedule some time to talk about you and your team, and how (together)
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Jacquelyn Nicholson says:

“Self 2.0 is about seeing what is important and what really matters. It has empowered me with real tools and better ideas to become the person and the leader I am today.”

Rob Owen says:

"Redefining myself as a leader and leaving behind the old version of myself has been quite an awakening. As a result I have declared the 'old Rob' a person of the past."

Katie Zipfel says:

"Self 2.0 taught me to look at the bigger picture and be the leader that others want to follow. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today, without Riv's advice, encouragement and support."

Jenna Brokenshire says:

"The Self 2.0 leadership development program doesn’t just help me at becoming a better leader at work, it helps me in every aspect of my life!"

Chuck Humprey says:

"Expect to be challenged and stretched way outside your comfort zone--in a really good way."
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