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If That's You, I Will Personally Help You Make A Positive And Meaningful Impact, And I Will Guide You Through A Process To Gain The Confidence And Courage To Champion Growth For Yourself, Your Team, And Your Business.
Very Limited Openings
Why Is Growth Champion Inner Circle The Closest Thing To A Growth Magic Wand That You’ll Ever See!

Weekly Mastermind Sessions

  • ​Work through difficult decisions and challenges. 
  • ​Break the logjam of indecision.
  • ​Minimize habits that are unproductive.
  • ​Maximize your two most valuable assets—TIME and ENERGY.
  • ​Gain fresh perspectives on next steps.
  • Gather the insight, ideas, and solutions that others incubate.
  • Personal accountability and confidence.
  • ​Create space for what is truly important!

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

Safely explore personal challenges that stand in the way of growth.  

Imagine if someone actually understood what you do, how you felt, and could speak the same language and acronyms that you do. Imagine if others could share war stories to help you avoid similar mistakes or offer best practices to shorten your path to success. 

Weekly Critiques and Reviews

Need a second pair of eyes on anything related to growing yourself, your team, or your business? Submit your work and we will give you constructive feedback and critique to make it better and ensure it represents your personal brand.

Self-Mastery Learning Library

Access to LXU’s self-mastery learning library of leadership tools , training, and support material. 

Private Training Sessions

Participate in a private training session for Inner Circle members every quarter. Influence the topics to ensure they are aligned to your specific needs. You also have the opportunity to share your expertise and educate others in the group (if interested). All sessions are recorded and saved in the membership library. 

Annual Inner Circle Retreat

You get one free ticket to our Inner Circle retreat where you will receive:
  • Additional In-Depth Training
  • Hear from Guest Speakers, relative to your business
  • ​Workshop Challenges with Experts Live
  • Network with Your Peers
  • ​and much more...
Very Limited Openings

Meet Your New Mentor, Trainer, and Coach

Hi, I’m Jim Riviello, my friends call me Riv!

I am the founder of Leadership X University and author of There Must Be a Better Way and Rivelations for Business Professionals.

I’ve coached, trained, and consulted with hundreds of business leaders and their teams in just about every industry. I created the Move-the-Needle challenge to help business leaders, like yourself, accelerate results by breaking down challenges into smaller, more manageable components.

Those who know me know that I am on a personal mission to have a positive and meaningful impact on a million or more people before my time in earth school is over.

I would love for you to join me on this mission.

Jim Riviello,

Chief Energy Officer, LXU
Leaders In Our Coaching Programs Believe In
  • BEING CONNECTED: We believe we are NEVER alone—help is always available.
  • ​SELF-CARE: We consistently take care of ourselves so we have more energy, physically and emotionally, to help others.
  • PLAYING AUTHENTICALLY BIG: We live with a greater sense of freedom to express our voice and pursue our aspirations.
  • BEING A CREATOR: We take pride in developing and sharing tools that help others become more efficient and effective.
  • NO LIMITATIONS: We believe that all things are possible and project this energy onto others.
Is this YOU?

If so, I'd like to invite you to join the "Self 2.0 Leadership Development Program." 
Here's What Our Clients Are Saying... 
""I cannot stress enough how proud I am of the opportunity to work with Jim and I would encourage everyone to leverage his skillsets, knowledge, and passion for success in everything you do."
Growth Champion
Alison Forsythe
"If you want to get better every day, Riv is a great source of authentic value."
Growth Champion
Rich Falcone
"The Growth Champion program has made a significant impact on our growth and culture!"
Growth Champion
Kandi Signoa
"Riv made me a better leader, business person, manager, and Dad. Thank you!"
Growth Champion
Russell Lomauro
"I am more confident, aware, motivated, openminded, and most importantly a stronger leader. I have Riv and the LXU team to thank for that. The expertise, tools, and guidance that they have provided is one of a kind and a gift that keeps on giving!”
Growth Champion
Ashley Gawlik
"Redefining myself as a leader and leaving behind the old version of myself has been quite an awakening. As a result I have declared the 'old Rob' a person of the past."
Growth Champion
Rob Owen
"LXU has really changed my life and I'm forever grateful."
Growth Champion
Jenna Brokenshire
"The tools shared have helped me plan better as as leader and move-the-needle on what is important. I love the coaching sessions and being able to share what I am going through with the group. I come with unanswered questions and leave every session feeling lighter." 
Growth Champion
Kevin Carpenter
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Are you Ready To Elevate your Impact and Extend Your Reach?
Very Limited Openings
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