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How to Say Goodbye to Your Old Life and Reinvent the New You!
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What Is This Book About?
We live in a world full of noise. We are told to succeed. We ask ourselves if we are a success. Day and night we are bombarded with something outside of ourselves to buy or attain so that we can succeed.

Most of the time, we think that our lives are too complex, too difficult, and too unique to become better by “small” changes. "There Must Be A Better Way" is the story of one man’s journey as he discovers through everyday experiences that this belief is just not true.

I don't offer magic bullets or secret formulas for success because there isn’t any. Truth be told, success—your personal success—is revealed to you by focusing on the “small” internal changes you can authentically make every single day.

The Better Way we are all searching for is within each of us. It’s not reserved for a special few, and it doesn’t require sacrifice. The Better Way only requires you to constantly choose it, because it has already chosen you.
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • A specific problem by itself is not the problem. The problem is how we look at a problem.
  • ​You, and only you, can shift your thinking. 
  • ​The more you focus on and remain hooked by someone else’s behavior, the more limited the possibilities to change the situation become.
  • ​The only action you control (in any circumstance) is if you choose to REACT or RESPOND to the situation. Your choice affects the outcome, one way or another. 
  • ​Success doesn’t come from a lack of problems. Your growth is dependent on how well you manage through adversity. 
  • ​You can reinvent yourself - starting right now!
  • You can’t move forward in life if you are not authentic. We can fake it pretty good at times, but life will eventually catch up with us and we'll find ourselves in a mess.
  • You need clarity, discipline, and self-leadership to speak to the heart of the matter.
  • Help is always available. Too much is changing, too fast, for any leader to have all the answers.
  • ​You are 100% responsible for what happens when you lead yourself. No playing victim, no blame or reasons why things are the way they are, and no excuses for getting the results you don’t want and more of what you do.
  • ​Every day, you get a second chance at life.
"This book takes you on a personal and professional journey that everyone can relate to in today's topsy-turvy world of trying to balance both our work and home lives. I like how the author reveals important lessons through self-reflection and dialogue instead of just preaching. The book has an easy storytelling style.
Simply outstanding!"
"Wonderful book for people who are compelled to improve how they navigate and respond to all the challenges that life can bring, professionally and personally.
It is a quick read, and one that I find myself dipping back into when I need a fresh perspective."
"Who knew self-help books 
were such page turners?  You will find yourself rooting for Jim, questioning him, and sometimes you simply feel his pain. Jim is raw, unforgiving and lays it all out there for the good of himself and others around him. There are times 
(for me multiple) when you'll find yourself saying, 'Hey, that sounds a lot like me.'"
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